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Names & Logos

A brand name is a predominant factor for marketing and advertising. It is important for making a definite impact and driving business success.Through a positioning strategy that creates top-of-the-mind brand recall, the brand value is greatly enhanced.

Brand Name

Professionals in an organization usually do not have the knowledge and time to consider certain factors before developing a brand name. Yippee Media offers solution for such problems. The brand name is created keeping in view the comprehensibility, ease of pronunciation and recall, competitors, trademarks and domain name possibilities. It acts as a shelter to the range of products and services provided by the company under its name. Brand name conveys the character and the value of the products/services delivered by the company.

Yippee has been actively engaged in naming national and international brands successfully. We have been in this industry for long and all our clients enjoy coming back. Our brand names cut through the clutter and give you more visibility.

Brand logo

Even a kid who has not yet learnt the alphabets can recognize the big M of Mc Donalds from a distance and force his parents to buy him something from there. Now that's the influence of a brand logo. This is the importance a logo holds in the brand. Brand logo has the clout to re-energize an entire company. It offers a way the business communicates with its clients and teams and Yippee Media helps shaping and coloring this communication. Yippee has created a steady position in the world market in its logo designing services. Our focus revolves around fortifying brands and creating logo designs. The process starts with the complete understanding of the business and then creating a logo accordingly, the meaning of the logo is as important as its design. A logo can be anything, a graphic, a topographic signature or a monogram, etc. Whether you want to position or reposition your brand name and logo, Yippee Media provides you a platform and perks up your company.

Ask us to know how we can bring our energy into your brand name and logo.


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