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E-Marketing Services

Email marketing makes it possible for businesses to communicate directly and convincingly with not just your existing customers and prospects but also with the past customers and increases the chances of their coming back because nothing beats one-to-one interactions.

Less than 1 % of the people visiting your website buy from you, the rest return and never visit again. To garner these more than 99% visitors on your site email marketing is the best option. Offering incentives not only drives clicks but also helps in generating lead. The opt-in e-mail marketing option reduces the chances of a spam email and is an opportunity for you to regularly update your customers and prospects. Converting a passive blog into a pro-active newsletter campaign is reasonable and fruitful. Our creative team creates innovative emailers for you with compelling content for the targeted audience. Just like the viral nature of social media marketing, email marketing can also promote sales by making it easy to share. E-marketing is a cost effective marketing technique and helps you nurture relationships with your customers. Our E-marketing service ensures quick response and increased traffic to your website. Contact us today to reach your customers and prospects through trendily created emails.

Some of our Customers:

Our customer Giftcart.com uses Yippee's powerful email design, technology and delivery services. With growing ecommerce phenomena in the giting space, Giftcart aims to differentiate itself by using our power e-marketing solutions.
MakeMyTrip.com, India's leading Online Travel Company sends more than 30 Million emails annually using Oracle RightNow Marketing Automation Tool. Yippee Media delivered the technology through its parent company: Virtuos Solutions and currently offering deliverability & best Practice Management Services.

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