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Ownmark Services

Verbb is a division of Yippee Media which buttons brand related problems. A brand name faces business challenges whenever the company is diversifying, or facing any mergers and acquisitions, or even if it is launching a product in a new/existing domestic or international markets.

It can encounter problems while determining the product market mix, the extent of penetration of a product in a market, in repositioning its brand or in creating a widespread buzz before launching a new product.

The relationship between product and market has changed with time, now it's the product which needs the market and not vice-versa. It has become difficult for businesses to place a product cutting across the fierce competition in the market in the product quality and prices. In all this what is lost is the brand identity.

A businesses prime asset is its brand. Under ownmark Yippee media helps businesses create brand soul. The ownmark team delivers consumer, corporate and digital brands to its clients. We make strategies for brand engagement and delivery which helps our clients in keeping their brand promise. Yippee has been dedicated to changing the experience and perception of a brand among its users and prospects. Leadership brands have higher margins and provide better ROI.


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