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Having more than 50 million active dot com domain name registered users makes it difficult for you to select a domain name that is in sync with your products and services,Yippee media consultants help you find one.

We negotiate the top notch domain names for your business just incase you missed them. Our expertise in domain name improves your search engine ranking and ensures brand equity protection. We provide active monitoring of your domains and protect your domain assets from phishing and cybersquatting even before your website is created. In order to curb the attempt of diverting or ripping- off the traffic by a similar registered domain name we send you email alerts. Yippee protects your trademark rights by giving alerts on specified names and words whenever somebody uses them in their domain name, this also helps in monitoring competition of your product or service. Our consultants work closely with you to ascertain the regions you operate in and protect your regional domains by setting alerts for any new domain registrant using the city name and postal code. Our registered Reverse IP address service gives you the domains currently hosted on any given IP address. This gives an advantage of finding a sorted list of thousands of domains on a single popular IP address as the reverse process is difficult. Reverse IP also aids in making a switch decision as you would know the domains on a particular IP and all the scamming going on it before moving. Our services allow you to trace the network path and detect any connectivity issues along the route. Yippee Media works closely with ICANN to envision the next generation domains and helps you invest in some to build your domain assets. If you would like to find out more about our domaineering services relating to your business, contact us today.


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