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Always there's a buzz at Yippee Media. Being a brand, web, social media and digital marketing arm of Virtuos, we will always have news for you. To catch up with our news, please subscribe to our Newsletter.
April 10, 2013 Yippee Media solidifies SIXX : Six Experiences Platform for Small and Medium Businesses. Read Yippee SIXX- The Six Experiences Platform covers Web, Social, Brand, Digital, User and Mobile Experiences that small businesses can benefit from. The Business is social, and customers are highly connected & empowered with the tools like Social and Mobile as never before. The landscape is fast changing, and customer perception about businesses is primarily based on how effectively SIXX is embedded in their NDA.

Yippee offers subscription based services for small businesses with clearly defined business outcomes ranging from Web Opitmization to building e-commerce design; Mobile UI design to Apps; and digital marketing to branding & social media Platforming and more.
Yippeemedia SIXX
February 20, 2013 Yippee Media to offer Content Marketing Services through new Initiative YContent. Read The Content Marketing is Yippee Media's newest initiative to deliver most engaging Consumer Experience and web stickiness for brands. By leveraging our deep expertise in Customer Experience Design through our parent company- Virtuos Corporation, we cherish to differentiate ourselves. At YContent, the team undertakes new projects that require fresh content for brand's digital, social and mobile promotion. The Content Marketing includes writing Knowledge Articles and Technical documentation for Companies that require to develop Knowledge foundation to serve customers across channels like Web, Social and Mobile. February 09, 2013 Yippee Media designed launches its public beta site. Read Yippee Media, a division of Virtuos Corporation has conceptualised, designed and programmed, an upcoming e-commerce Website in the gifting space. In addition to the design & UI and eCommerce functionality, Yippee Media also provides complete experience platform that includes Social, branding and Web Optimisation. Yippeemedia SIXX October 05, 2012 Yippee Media expands the team of Digital & SEO and Content Teams. Read Yippee Media embarks on expansion by adding more members to its digital marketing and SEO Team. The newly joined additional team of three web optimisation specialists will use their expertise and years of experience in improvising the web presence for Yippee Media clients. The Digital Content practice at Yippee media is growing to fulfil the needs of our customers by offering end to end business services. June 04, 2012 Yippee Media becomes a design partner of Business 3.0 Consulting Practice at Tekcorp Read Yippee Media and Business 3.0 Paradigms of Tekcorp eBusiness Consulting Practice join hands to offer "Above the Fold" Design and Magento eCommerce Platform Solutions to some of the biggest brands around the world. Business 3.0 Paradigms include - eCommerce Design; Best Practices; Digital Promotion; and Incubation. May 11, 2012 releases private beta site designed by Yippee Media Magento Experts Group (YMEG). Read Yippee Media has delivered stunning design and intuitive UI along with the host of unique features such as SmartClick Checkout, Gift Registry, ShoppingCart Abandonment Recovery, and Answerscart. is fully developed and implemented by Yippee Media, a division of Virtuos Corporation.
Dec. 09, 2011 Yippee Media delivers Web experience solution to Canon Singapore Read Canon Singapore through local Singapore partner has outsourced its entire web experience solution development powered by RightNow to Yippee Media, a division of Virtuos. Yippee Media Verbb Design Teams have spent several man days to offer compelling value proposition for Canon to offer Web-Self-Service through its Canon Singapore website for its customers. Aug. 19, 2011 Yippee Media Verbb Team integrate RightNow Web Self-Service Module with Customer Support Portal Read Yippee Media Verbb Design team relentlessly worked hard to match the high standards of design and integrated RightNow Web Self-Service and Knowledge Management into's Support pages. Fully operational Support Pages offer smart answers based on the Questions posed by the Web visitors and Singtel’s existing customers. June 24, 2011 YippeeMedia will be present at Mobile conversation 2011 a pioneer event in mobile marketing & digital marketin g event at The Lalith , New Delhi. Read YippeeMedia will be present at Mobile conversation 2011 a pioneer event in mobile marketing & digital marketing event at The Lalith, New Delhi. May 10, 2011 Yippee Media launches its operations as one of the divisions of Virtuos Corporation with Ten member team. Read Virtuos transfers its web development teams to a new division - Yippee Media and offers web, brand, social media and digital marketing services to complement Virtuos CRM Practice. Headed by experienced Digital Marketing Specialists, Yippee Media will play an important role within Virtuos.

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