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Social Media Monitoring

Brand Resonance is the degree of a customer's feeling of being in sync with the brand. To be far ahead of the competition we believe in raising this degree. Social networking sites give a powerful voice to the consumer and changes the way the consumer interacts with the brand.

Through social media monitoring it is possible to gain insights from the conversations people are having online every day, which was impossible earlier. This certainly helps the companies in improving the quality of products, customer service and marketing. It is crucial to track, record and monitor conversations and respond solemnly to maintain a virtuous repute among the customers and prospects. Social Media Monitoring is a conception to determine the tone of the online conversations, positive or negative. This helps in defining the motifs and topics that are driving both the good and bad conversations about the brand.

Yippee Media makes it easier for businesses to listen, understand and engage in conversations on social media platform. Yippee has the solution for everything:

  • Responding to customer complaints and questions on the web
  • Alleviate negative coverage
  • Monitor brand reputation
  • Accrue customer suggestions to improve upon the existing product
  • Conducting market research to understand customer buying behavior

Our consultants follow LEAD model approach to LEARN, ENGAGE, ACQUIRE and DEVELOP.

Don't just listen to the conversation. Get heard with Yippee's social media monitoring services. Request a demo to learn more.


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