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Social Analytics

For a social media platform to maintain stronger and lasting relationship with its customers, it is essential for you to keep a constant track of users' needs and desires which can then be used to modify and adapt the existing applications.

The method described is naive as the social media campaign is not candid enough to always give a feedback on the users' likes and dislikes, social analytics tools are therefore used to gauge the needs of users'. Yippee Media's social analytic services overhaul and exalt your existing social media campaigns after a thorough appraisal of the behavioral patterns of your customers and prospects to keep them absorbed. Our experts view social ecology as a single gamut between the company employees, partners, customers and the whole world by gaining insight into the different social channels used by them and tap the collective noesis to predict and create outcomes of the social media strategies. Yippee's social media analytics services help you:

  • Track and evaluate the community buzz to enrich your marketing strategy
  • Manage the service performance
  • Fathom your community networks
  • Shape a viable community


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