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Digital Advertising & PPC

The concept of advertising originated in the 20th century with banners being the sole mode. But it was soon replaced by an era of display advertising in magazines and newspapers.

The volatility and new opportunities of the ever changing world created a need to advertise using some global tool. Thus, advertising on search engines superseded the digital advertising epoch. Despite the surge of businesses to move into the online advertising there are still many components that are confusing for them and for this you have Yippee Media which helps you sail through the hardships of digital advertising. It gives immediate online presence to businesses. The advertisements are positioned over major search engine depending on its bid for a keyword. These ads appear as Sponsored links next to the organic links displayed by the search engine when a particular keyword is searched for. The ad copies can be used to effectually highlight the company’s business. Different or same landing pages can be designed for different ads, depending on the requirement. The company only pays for a user who clicks on the link and is thus an efficacious and inexpensive way to advertise.

We at Yippee help companies in drafting, strategizing and implementing the entire PPC campaign. Irrespective of the vertical the client comes from, our strategies help the client in generating sales. We help you to develop your strategy, roll out the campaign, manage thousands of keywords across multiple search engines in lieu of what your competitors are doing and help you dominate your sector.

Based on this we create ad copies and corresponding landing pages. The ad campaigns are designed not just to attract visitors but also to filter out the unwanted visitors. At Yippee Media optimization on a regular base is the key to higher CTR’s and higher number of conversions.

The cutting edge technology at Yippee Media increases the brand awareness and creates top-of-the-mind brand recall for its clients. Once the campaign is online, we continuously monitor it and work on improving the Quality score of the Ads. This significantly reduces the Cost per click. A comprehensive report is given to the clients on a weekly/monthly basis and the lead management system is available 24 hrs. To know more, contact us.


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